Hyperic HQ Monitoring Apache Solr Plugin

InnovateDigital provides HQ plugin for Apache Solr 。

Apache Solr is the popular, blazing fast open source enterprise search platform from the Apache LuceneTM project. 

Current plugin supports Solr v3.6, if other versions arevrequired, please contact us,

Some metrics are below:

JVM Metrics
Searcher Metrics
  Searcher Number of Docs
       Searcher Max Docs
Query Metrics
       Query Result Cache Evictions
       Query Result Cache Hit Ratio
       Query Result Cache Hits
       Query Result Cache Inserts
       Query Result Cache Lookups
       Query Result Cache Sizes
Document Metrics
       Document Cache Evictions
      Document Cache Hit Ratio
      Document  Cache Hits
      Document  Cache Inserts
      Document  Cache Lookups
      Document  Cache Sizes
Filter Metrics
      Filter Cache Evictions
      Filter Cache Hit Ratio
      Filter  Cache Hits
      Filter  Cache Inserts
      Filter Cache Lookups
      Filter  Cache Sizes
Update Metrics
      Update Handler Adds
      Update Handler Commits
      Update Handler Autocommits
      Update Handler Optimizes
      Update Handler Rollbacks
      Update Handler ExpungeDeletes
      Update Handler DocsPending
      Update Handler DeletesById
      Update Handler DeletesByQuery
      Update Handler Errors