Hyperic 5.8.6 中文版 2016年9月139日构建

近日,Hyperic 推出GA版本 5.8.6, 这是时隔9个月的一个稳定版本。铸锐科技重新编译构建 Hyepric HQ 中文版,

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Fix HQ-4921: Maintenance server is marked as red (DOWN) instead of orange (PAUSED) after a few minutes
FIX for HQ-5227 and Eula updated.
Fix for defect HHQ-6165 Availability range goes beyond
fix for HQ-5200: Platform errors in UI
fix for defect HQ-4971 (Migration script does not export/import VC config table) and HQ-4965 (Migration does not export or import dynamic groups)
include support of TLSv1.2 bugs and vijava updated version 2.0.1
Fix for HQ-5200: Blank page when LDAP user logs on for the first time
Fix for defect HHQ - 6189 URLs in email alerts are malformed
Fix defect  HQ-5196
update server logs maxFileSize to 50M
Fix for HQ-5210: Cannot create new platform through UI
Fix for HQ-5213: vCenter settings are not displayed
updated vijava.jar to v2.0.1
updating Struts2 to v 2.3.29 and oracle driver to ojdbc6-
updating oracle driver to ojdbc6 v11.2.0.4
correctly display exception messages in login page
Fix for HHQ-6174: MaxFileSize in log4j setting should be long
fix defect 5202, add check if escalation actaully changed before save
... ...